Russian mane Game

EP: A Day in the LifeEdit

Colleen: Russian names are a kind of a game

Exile: There's a first, a last and a middle name

Colleen: Giving the first is the mama's chore

Exile: Like Boris, Alexander or Fyador

Blitz: Last name comes from the family

Exile: Like Pushkin, Basylrov or Porfiry

Colleen: With the middle name, now here comes the fun. The papa gives his first name to the son

Exile: He then adds an -ovitch or -yevitch to the end

Blitz: Here is an example so you'll comprehend

Colleen: The papa's name is Sonov, now here's the switch

Exile: The kid's middle name is Sonov-ovich

All: So kid's middle name is Sonov-ovich, Ya!

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