Blitz (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a Doberman from Hamburg, Germany. Blitz is a team player but shows no proper respect to anyone but himself. Because of his vanity, arrogance, and selfishness, along with other flaws he has, Blitz is despised and hated by everybody in the team. And yet, the team always ends up saving him and putting him out of harm's way despite their contempt for him. His razor sharp teeth and claws can cut through anything. Has romantic feelings for Colleen, often met only with indifference, often followed in short order by physical violence on her part, which is clearly out of spite. Sometimes he deserves it, and sometimes he doesn't. But abusing him was a running gag in the show. Blitz often states a desire to bite the behinds of his enemies. He can be a bit aggressive and stubborn at times, but yet he stays with the team despite how much of a burden he is to them, or how abusive they can be towards him. However, Blitz never had a chance to redeem himself at any point in the series. Despite the few instances he's had to shine, he served little importance to the show, and was basically the black sheep of the Road Rovers. He sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor most remembered for his role as the Terminator from the James Cameron films.

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